Stop Networking, Start Connecting

Let me be honest with you – I always hated NETWORKING!

But I Love People!


One of the reasons I created Peakes Private Members Club was due to my frustration at finding a networking event, which I would actually enjoy. After working in Financial Services for 25 years, and attending many networking events, the thought of getting back out there, now running my own business, filled me with dread. The pin stripe suits, the sleazy selling and those awful 60 seconds of shame. They are not for me.

I have created a place where you’ll meet other ambitious entrepreneurs online and in luxurious fun and relaxed settings. Where you will not be forced to stand up in front of the room, and you will meet other business owners who also want to build genuine business relationships and not just hit a referel target.

You will connect with like-minded individuals who are happy to share their business experience in a way that’s designed to support other business owners, rather than “pitch” themselves.

All of that – and a lot more – is available with Peake’s Private Members Club.


Why is Peakes Private Members Club different?

Does this sound familiar?

You go to a business networking event. There is an exchange of business cards, and the “round robin” of 60-second pitches (which you only half listen to because you’re too busy thinking about your own imminent 60 seconds in the spotlight), followed by a few one-on-one conversations that feel very one-sided. Most people in the room are only interested in securing your business as a client and are oblivious to any potential mutual value in fostering a relationship with you.

You come away from the event feeling that the whole proceeding was distasteful, inauthentic, and intimidating. That it was more like a box-ticking exercise than an opportunity to get to know new people. That no-one really cared about you as a business owner, only looking at what they can get from the day.

You still need to grow your business, but if only there was a way to build your community without the need for traditional business networking?

This is where my Private Members Club is unique. We’re an exclusive gathering of successful business owners who are only interested in investing in our business relationships – not only for what value we can receive from them, but for what we can give.

Peakes Private Members Club
Making Genuine Connections in Business

Connect in luxurious style!


My members recognise that a powerful and exclusive business community drives exceptional business opportunities. They prefer to create important connections with people they trust. Peake’s Private Members Club is your opportunity to establish and strengthen that trust.

My members are not in competition with anyone – you are working to be at the peak of your talents and ambitions, and all you want is to build enduring business relationships in a safe, inclusive and elite environment where you are valued as a person first, business owner second.

I believe that you can only build those relationships if everyone can relax and be themselves. So, my members enjoy exclusive private events, where the emphasis is on mutual respect, and sharing the fun and enjoyment of the experience, not about collecting business cards, or awkward introductions.

What’s included in the membership?

My events are very different from anything you may be used to. No gloomy hotel conference rooms, village halls or back rooms of pubs. These events take place in Luxury Spa Hotels, fine dining restaurants and 5 Star venues. We have also faced our fears at a cold water swim with a Wim-Hof coach, and enjoyed a fabulous retreat in the Highlands.

In addition to these events, you will be inside a fantastic community with all of the other private members. The community is full of value and perks to help you in your business, you will feel comfortable and you will start building genuine relationships immediately.

There are so many new joint ventures, collaborations, referrels and sales happening inside Peakes, and you are welcome to come and join us now.


Peakes Private Members Club
Peakes Private Members Club

What else do I offer?


In addition to Private Members Club I offer courses, VIP days and 1-1 business mentoring. 

I absolutely love supporting people in their business, and I love helping people to create their very own community. Throughout the year I run my signature course Membership Mastery. This is where I will teach you how to create your very own paid community, whether you want to bring business owners together or cat lovers, a community can be built for anyone! And yes, you can make money from it!

However if you want more overall business support we can work together on a 1-1 basis, please email me at nicola@peakesconnect to ask about my 1-1 packages.